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 Welcome to our Thailand Plant shop online...... We carry a great selection of rare tropical variegated plants & bulbs from Thailand...... We ship worldwide and we are a trusted business...... Thank you for visiting and shopping in our store......
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1 Bulb of ALOCASIA HYPNOSA, (Englerarum hypnosum) Plant

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 Item number: 00000437
 Quantity:    3 available
 Price: US $28.00
 Shipping Cost: US $24.00
 Shipping Cost for each additional : US $7.00
 Payment with 
 Ships to: Worldwide
 We can require Phytosanitary Certificate for this plant/bulb(s) for all countries.
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  Description :
1 Bulb of ALOCASIA HYPNOSA (Englerarum hypnosum), Family : ARACEAE , plant from THAILAND.This price includes the fee of the Phytosanitary Certificate.
We are experience and expert in bulbs and plants export to worldwide for more than 16 years.
We do believe any problems can be solved by communication. Customers are able to contact us via E-mail;

Version 2.0 of the information, updated when 14/10/09(D:M:Y)

  • We can ship this plant with the Phytosanitary Certificate to worldwide for the inspection from your customs.

    *** Note:

    - For Customers in only United States, The USDA permits to import the plant products to USA without your import permit papers, if they are lower than 13 plants with the phytosanitary certificate. For the plant products are more than 12 plants, you have to send the copy of papers import permit papers to us ( and then we can give the Phytosanitary Certificate to you, (Click for example, The Import Permit Papers of USA).

    - For Customers in only Australia, you have to send the copy of your import permit papers to us ( and then we can give the Phytosanitary Certificate to you. It is very hard to import the plant to Australia. You should check with the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) on import requirements.

    In other countries, you don't send your import permit papers to me.

    To import the plant into your country without the Phytosanitary Certificate, the plant may risk to be inspected and destroyed from your customs.
  • But if you don't want the Phytosanitary Certificate, please let us know, we will discount the price from $28 to $25 and write contents 'Gift' in the customs declaration and ship your order to you as soon as possible.

+++ The phytosanitary Certificate is to certify that the plants, plant products or other regulated articles described herein have been inspected and/ or tested according to appropriate official procedures and are considered to be free from the quarantine pests specified by the importing contracting party and to conform with the current phytosanitary requirements of the importing contracting party, including those for regulated non - quarantine pests. +++

  Sample picture of the product : 
  Product Details :
 Product Name : 1 Bulb of ALOCASIA HYPNOSA
 Science Name of Plant : Alocasia hypnosa
 Family : ARACEAE
Growing plant

  Payment Policy :
•   We accept ONLY payment with Paypal. Our Paypal Email address is
  Shipping Policy :

•   We can ship this item worldwide for the fix cost of $14 .

•   If you would like to discount the shipping cost, you should order multiple item to combine shipping cost. Please contact us.

•   We do not ship on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

•   We ship by postal service from Thailand and usually take 7-21 days to reach your hand. (In Some case of delay ,Please allow 30 days maximum possible shipping period)

  Contact & Feedback :

•   Please Contact back to Shop within 5 days after Bid winning.

•   Serious Bidder Please, We sorry to left negative feedback if there are no response to our confirmation mail in 5 days.

  Return Policy :
•   If you're not satisfied with the merchandise. You can return it for a refund (less Shipping & Handling). You're responsible for the return shipping cost.

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