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 Welcome to our Thailand Plant shop online...... We carry a great selection of rare tropical variegated plants & bulbs from Thailand...... We ship worldwide and we are a trusted business...... Thank you for visiting and shopping in our store......
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 Agavaceae (3)
 Amaryllidaceae (32)
 Amorphophallus (8)
 Apocynaceae (8)
 Araceae (18)
 Asparagaceae (1)
 Balsaminaceae (1)
 Banana (62)
 Cannaceae (5)
 Compositae (1)
 Convolvulaceae (1)
 Dioscoreaceae (4)
 Euphorbiaceae (2)
 Gramineae (1)
 Heliconiaceae (12)
 Hyacinthaceae (4)
 Hypoxidaceae (1)
 Iridaceae (2)
 Leguminosae (1)
 Liliaceae (1)
 Marantaceae (3)
 Menispermaceae (4)
 Moringaceae (1)
 Musaceae  (62)
 Pandanaceae (1)
 Passifloraceae (1)
 Portulacaceae (1)
 Sterculiaceae (1)
 Strelitziaceae (1)
 Taccaceae (3)
 Vitaceae (1)
 Zingiberaceae (42)
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 • If you would like to discount the shipping cost, you should order multiple items to combine the shipping cost. Please contact us at or
 • We go to the Department of Agriculture of Thailand to require the Phytosanitary Certificate for the plants once a week and ship out the next day.
 • We do not ship on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.
 • We ship by postal service from Thailand and usually take 7-21 days to reach your hand. (In some case of delay, please allow 28 days maximum possible shipping period. Otherwise please contact us)
 • If you're not satisfied with the merchandise. You can return it for a refund (less Shipping & Handling). You're responsible for the return shipping cost.
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